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Your Waste 2017, Alice Peacock

Thursday 22 March 2018 – 18 April 2018, nightly from sunset through to 1am

This projection celebrates the changes to Wagga Wagga’s new kerbside waste service by demonstrating the differences between the three bins with an emphasis on the new organic waste bin. It also highlights some of the innovative approaches to waste management such as reducing landfill by turning organic waste into compost to give back to the land.

The work uses design elements such as shapes, typography, composition and illustration, incorporated with lively motion to create a rich and dynamic work. Colour forms a key part of the animation by creating a visual association between the three types of waste and the colours of the bin lids. The overall feel of the artwork is clean, fresh, and fun, and seeks to establish an upbeat approach to what can be considered by some to be a dirty topic.


Alice Peacock is a Wagga Wagga based animator and motion designer. She has explored animation through many forms, including traditional hand drawn, digital 2D, as well as 3D and challenges herself to combine these mediums to create visually diverse works.