Wiradjuri Ceramic Mural


Artist: Rachelle Mascini, Amanda Gay, Chris Helyar, David O’Neill and youth from the Riverina Juvenile Justice Centre
Title: Wiradjuri Ceramic Mural
Installed: 2003
Materials: Handmade ceramic tiles and concrete
Location: Wagga Wagga Civic Precinct, exterior wall between the E3 art space and Library, overlooking Wollundry Lagoon

The 5m x 1.5m ceramic mural depicts the Murrumbidgee River and the history of the Wiradjuri people. It contains many stories dealing with issues of triumph, dissent, elation and depair.

The presence of the Murrumbidgee River, a giver of life so important to the human existence, is depicted weaving tis way through the natural flora and fauna illustrated. This celebrates the relationship between the Aboriginal people and the land.

An image of the First Fleet marks the coming of European people and the beginning of white settlement and changes to come.

The size of the traditional Wiradjuri warrior reflects his strength and spirit and his significance to the local people as he led the resistance against European settlement. The crosses and ascending spirits represent the eats of both Aboriginal and European people involved in the hostilities.

The contemporary Aboriginal flag and the yellow map detailing the Wiradjuri Nation symbolise the linking of the past with the present.

A coming to ‘understanding’ is reflected in the contemplation of the contemporary Wiradjuri man as he looks towards the future.

This mural was created with the strength and spirit of the Wiradjuri people and took all involved on a journey of discovery about who they are, their values, and their attitudes to Aboriginal people and culture.


Amanda Gay, Rachelle Mascini, Chris Helyar, David O’Neill, youth from the Riverina Juvenile Justice Centre – Chris, Dennis, Trevor, Russell, Jeff, Barry, Steven, Lawrence, Shane and Greg.

Cultural Advisors

Yvonne Gilchrist, Eddie Kneebone, Oswald Ingram, Michael Lyons, Janet Long, Flo Grant, Elvira Wighton, Edith Kennedy, Isabel Reid, John Little, John Winterbottom, David O’Neill, Dan Atkinson.

Funding Organisations

Australia Council for the Arts; NSW Attorney General’s Department; Department of Education, Science and Training; Department of Juvenile Justice.