Artist: Mary Perrott Stimson
Title: Victor
Installed: 2000
Materials: Bronze
Location: 25 Baylis Street, Wagga Wagga

In 1999 Wagga Wagga City Council commissioned Wantabadgery based artist Mary Perrott Stimson to create three bas relief bronze sculptures. Stimson spent a day on Baylis Street sketching the parade of characters that walked by. Stimson had to resort to following her inspiration down the road as he moved on before she had finished.

“He was a very tall young man with an incredibly long neck and hair that partied in the middle and sprouted out. He was lounging by a pillar.”

In 2000, Council held a community competition to name the art works. Victor was named due to his location, near the Victoria Hotel.

Mary Perrott Stimson has produced numerous public artworks around Australia and internationally, including murals for London Hospital and bronze sculptures for the City of Richmond, Victoria. She was born in Norfolk, United Kingdom and studied at the Chelsea College of Art and then the Chisholm Institute of Technology and University of Melbourne. Her inspiration comes especially from Egyptian, Etruscan, Roman, Medieval and Papua New Guinea bas-relief work, often centred on portraiture and archetypal imagery. From her studies, Stimson was obsessed with figurative sculpture, a contrast to the increasingly abstract world. Her double-sided bas relief style created figures that were flattish, but still three dimensional. Stimson said “They are actually drawings – three dimensional drawings made of bronze.”