Forest Seat


Artist: Simon Lloyd
Title: The Forest Seat
Installed: 2000
Materials:Cyprus, galvanised and weathered steel, pigmented concrete, zinc, copper, brass
Location: The corner of Baylis and Morgan Streets (in front of Westpac Bank)

The Forest Seat was inspired by walks through the Cyprus Pine forests at Coolamon, where the artist Simon Lloyd was living at the time of the commission.

The piece features a seat surrounded by a semi-circle of five metire long tree-like poles. Lloyd commented to The Daily Advertiser (11 August, 2000), “When I walk through the forest I often see a lot of steel and rusted things and most people think they are junk, but from a sculptor’s point of view they are inspiring.”

The concrete under the seat is coloured ochre red to represent the Riverina soil. “It is an abstract representation of nature and while it is a sculpture, I also meant to create a little secluded place with the poles around the seat – people can sit on the seat but it is designed as a sculpture first and seat second.”