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Thursday 7 September through to Wednesday 27 September, nightly from 6pm – 11.59pm

Connection playfully explores some of nature’s landscapes, from the swelling seas to the endless desert, and some of the life in between. Expressed through stylised scenes using vivid colours, this work is inspired by the unique scope of the projection surface of the side of the Civic Centre and the natural scenery in its surrounds. It explores a handful of landscapes, seamlessly transitioning from one to another. The transitions play with the concept that everything is connected from the ocean to the desert, and the life that dwells throughout.

Alice Peacock is a Wagga based animator and motion designer. She has explored animation through many forms, including traditional hand drawn, digital 2D, as well as 3D and challenges herself to combine these mediums to create visually diverse works. Her professional interests include collaborating on animated short films and working on interactive projects.